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The club

We are a small group of hydro-biologists with decades of experience in freshwater ecosystems, fisheries management and fish ecology. Our experience helps us to develop management techniques, but we realize that the dynamics of river ecosystems place us in a perpetual learning situation in which we are always students of the ecosystem. We come from an array of employment backgrounds which include the public, private, and research sectors.

Prior to 2006, our relationship with these waterways now under our care was solely an advisory role. During this time we developed independent ideas regarding fishery management. In 2006 the opportunity to apply these ideas presented itself as the formal lease of two waterways was transferred to 'Die Bewirtschafter'. This means we now have the opportunity to implement the ideas of fishery management learned during the advisory phase. Since 2017 we are happy to have a third river section under our management

Board of directors

Manuel Hinterhofer Die bewirtschafter

Manuel Hinterhofer

Cashier deputy

Management Kleiner Kamp, Management of licenses

Stefan Guttmann die bewirtschafter

Stefan Guttmann


Management Ybbs, Protocols, Organisation

Kurt Pinter die Bewirtschafter

Kurt Pinter

Secretary deputy

Data management, Management Kleiner Kamp


Our club currently counts around 100 women and men, young and old from several different nationalities, including for example Japan, Switzerland, Italy and the United States. We are happy that each and everyone of them shares our philosophy and stands behind the fisheries management that we practice. 

Not every member is obtaining a fishing license, some are supporting members of our club.

Have we gained your attention and you are willing to purchase a license or support our fishing club? Then do not hesitate contacting us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

The film Fluss.Mensch.Zukunft. (2018) documents our fishing club and promotes alternative management methods for freshwater fisheries.

© Kristof Reuther & Lukas Kirchgäßner, 2018

Lukas Kirchgässner die Bewirtschafter

Lukas Kirchgäßner

Cashier deputy

Management Kleiner Kamp, Management of licenses

Michael Grohmann die bewirtschafter

Michael Grohmann


Management Ybbs, Protocols, Organisation

Kristof Reuther die Bewirtschafter

Kristof Reuther

Secretary deputy

Data management, Management Kleiner Kamp

Günther Unfer die bewirtschafter

Günther Unfer


Management river Ois, Genetics brown trout

Georg Holzer Die Bewirtschafter

Georg Holzer

Chairman deputy

Management general

Clemens gumpinger die bewirtschafter

Clemens Gumpinger



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