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Association for ecologically oriented fisheries management in riverine ecosystems

Welcome to the homepage of our fishing club 'Die Bewirtschafter'. Our club was founded in 2007 and focuses on ecosystem based fisheries management. We are pleased to present you our ideas and philosophy on this homepage. 


We are six fish ecologists who share the passion for flyfishing. We are currently managing three river sections in two different catchements. Fortunately numerous licencees sharing our philosophy of fisheries management support our club. Our ultimate goal is not the removal of fish but experiencing the beauty of healthy river ecosystems. The association has integrated this goal into our charter through sustainable river management, inclunding the abandonment of fish stocking in waterways under our care. Further information regarding our philosophy is explained in the mission statement.

Mission statement

We pledge ourselves to sustainable and ethical interaction with fish populations.


We inform about events and news from scientific research.


We have two almost unadulterated river stretches (Ois & Kleiner Kamp) under our stewardship for over ten years. Since 2017 we manage another river stretch of the river Ybbs.

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